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A Baby Arrived Today

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

This would be my mom, Olive’s 107th birthday and she always loved telling about her entrance into the world. The family lived in a log cabin in the backwoods of Illinois. When the midwife was summoned for the occasion, in her haste and the uproar of the moment, she fell off her horse and arrived barely in time for the baby’s premature birth. Baby Olive gave all assembled a scare by struggling for her first breath. When order was restored, someone made the tiny girl a “sugar tit” (early pacifier?) and they laid her in a dresser drawer for a crib.

I will never know why mom’s mother, Granny Rachel was missing an index finger and anything about Mom’s two sisters Rose Ellen and another (whose name is lost) who died at birth or shortly after. Mom’s siblings numbered 11 kids; 6 brothers and 5 sisters. Information, again is incomplete.

Putting the stories of the births of family members on paper is such a smart thing to do and this journal, A Baby is Coming is the perfect place to start or add more information. Not only is it enjoyable to remember the past, especially when it comes to new babies, keeping a record is smart and can always be accessed in the future when questions arise.

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