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A Condition of the Mind and Heart

While spring fever isn't an actual medical malady, it is real enough to anyone who has ever been stricken with it. It comes as winter suddenly dislodges itself even if large, ugly snow piles mar the vista, melting only in dribbles. A person under the influence has a sudden, surprising uptick in energy and vitality. Feelings of restlessness might appear along with an almost uncontrollable urge to be out of doors. The ordinary clothing that's been armor against the cold is suddenly very wrong and the desire to strip down to lighter apparel is almost uncontrollable. Guys, inexplicably appear in Bermuda shorts, no socks, with hairy legs ruling the day.

Happiness bordering on zaniness is common and people behave as though plunked down on an unexpected, tropical holiday. Strangers smile as they go about their business and make excuses to stay outside as long as possible. The world seems as if painted with a palette of many colors and bright sunshine makes everything glow. All that is needed is a tall, icy drink to complete the picture.

You can extend the good feelings that come with early spring days by opening a journal by bobbin-olive and writing about them. Even if flowers popping out of the ground are still weeks away, you can capture their beauty with words written in colored marking pens on paper. Prompts are provided in many of the Spring Journals, so go ahead and let it all hang out, along with your shirttails. Sketch a pretty spring hat, dress, bouquet of flowers. Nab a table at an outdoor cafe and, journal in hand, and secure the moment as your very own.

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