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A Journal is a Journey

Why write? If you are curious about the world and what is going on all around you, writing is a great way to explore and find answers. If you wonder, "How do I make sense of a situation or how do I fit in," then your journal, like a good friend, can help. When you get a journal suddenly you have a goal, a commitment. You are responsible to yourself to follow through and make entries. As the words pile up, bit by bit, you are writing your life story. You'll be exploring ideas, honing your skills, decluttering your mind, reducing big things into smaller, more manageable pieces and in turn, reduce the stress of daily life. The journals available at bobbin-olive Productions are light-weight, easily portable and the prompts provide a jumping off point to set your pen in motion. Freewriting is a sure-fire way to start. Editing can come later. Write when you are waiting or have five spare minutes, when you are up and when you are feeling low. The important thing is to write and keep going.

Why draw? It seems so much easier to just snap a picture, doesn't it? By drawing however, you add the elements of personal involvement and decision making. You forge and refresh the path from eye/brain to your hand by putting lines onto the page. You grow and improve with every sketch. If you are wondering what to sketch, until the bobbin-olive journals, What to Write? and What to Draw? are available, check out this website: Remember, if sketching isn't your thing, use the blank pages to write large, on a slant, in a circle, in a different style, in color, or just unencumbered and blissfully free of staying on and within the lines. Self-expression feels so good.

Select a bobbin-olive journal, any one of our many books that are tailored to your various interests. Make it your own. Have fun with it.

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