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A Peaceful Pandemic Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was sure different this year due to the virus and the many restrictions. My husband and I ate alone and the ½ turkey breast I got which was supposed to be a fresh, never frozen and brined (don’t even ask, it is all the thing today on the food TV shows) was horrible. An old shoe would have been superior. It was so tough I wrestled with it to get even a couple of slices to fall away and then there was NO flavor or roasted turkey smell to it. After scrounging through the wet, nasty garbage for the paper parts of the label and receipt TO NO AVAIL, I put it in a plastic bag and a couple of days later returned it to the store. They gave me back a ten-dollar gift card so it wasn’t wasted money, although I had paid $18.00. for it. I must have lost my marbles or had my brain momentarily stolen to pay that ridiculous amount.

I went two days later to Sav-A-Lot and got a little name-brand, Butterball boneless turkey breast and Sunday I redid the dinner again. This time was more like it though. It tasted like it should and all the sides were good which are what I like best anyhow. I was wanting a cold turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo and did finally get that. Sometimes things just won’t cooperate and Thanksgiving was like that for me. I made rolls that were like hockey pucks and stuffing that got rigid and tasted like dried up field weeds when I baked it to try and get a crispy top and edges. Ha ha, what a joke. I probably won't be writing down any of this year's recipes but there's a journal from bobbin-olive productions if I decide to write about The Thanksgiving That Wasn't.

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