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Abby’s Trip to the Vet

Our pets are family members. If only they could talk. Here is what a sweet dog Abby had to say to her mom, Melissa Miinte Stewart.

Hi everybody! Mum's letting me use her Facepants page to tell you about my exciting day yesterday. As you know, yesterday was Vets Day, so I says to Mum, "I should go to the Vets!" I said it lots of times, so she took me! We put my blanket in the car and then we went for a little walk down the street "to settle me down," Mum said. I didn't settle too much, there were so many smells! Then we went for a loooong ride in the car and I watched out the window the whole way in case Mum forgot the way back home! When we got there we saw lots of other dogs and nice people (one of them smelled a little like horses, her name is Paula ), and even a cat. I got on the scale all by myself and oops! I weigh 60 pounds! That's ten too many, the vet says. Anyway he put me on the table and checked me out and I'm all good! Except I have to go on a diet. Mum says she does too! I had such a good time and I think I really like Vets Day. He gave me a liver treat.

Love, Abby

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