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Best Friends

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Dogs are a gift, the best kind. They love you for yourself, never judge, and share themselves unconditionally. Isn't that the definition of true love? Writer Edith Wharton said it best: "My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet." I'm not a dog owner so I have to be content just seeing them as I go about my day. Even in short glimpses they amuse and entertain me, so I try to hold on to them by making a sketch or writing a paragraph or two about the experience. Later, I can look back and enjoy a variety of dogs over and over again.

Riding with my husband in the car, we passed a girl walking a mass----a hoard of many breeds of dogs ranging from a Great Dane to a Boston Terrier and heaven only knows what else, in between. She had them in a cluster on the sidewalk, making them keep eye contact as she talked to them about behavior for walking in a group. I counted thirteen dogs, all leashes gathered into one in the girl's hand. Another time, at the dog park I saw a guy drying off his dog with a rolled towel going under the dog's belly like he was flossing the dog. At that same park a man was suiting up his dog in biker apparel to match his own, then perched him in a special seat making sure the dog's goggles were on straight. You can learn so much by watching dogs and I always appreciate when an owner gives the dog time to sniff out his territory or follow an interesting scent for a few minutes. I see them with heads sticking out car windows and that worries me. A friend said once her dog jumped out the car window as she pulled into the dog park.

Bobbin-olive Productions has journals especially created for you, the dog person. In the journal you can keep track of all kinds of information and tell the antics of your dog. Or, as I do, take note and tell about dogs of complete strangers. We love them like family so why not keep a record of your life and times with them?

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