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Cats Have Pu-r-r-ked up my Life

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Cats were a fixture at our house during my early years. My mother, Olive, especially liked cats with extra toes so it looked as though they were wearing fat socks or funny slippers. One time, when asked how she chose a particularly frisky new cat she said, "I knew he was mine, the minute I saw him at the store, hanging upside down in his cage." (Makes purr-fect sense.) The many cats I knew over the years living at home were all unique and became family members, if not ruling forces. I could write pages and pages about the various cats and the predicaments surrounding them. Many evenings found one of us striking the cat food can with a spoon to sumon one of them home.

This brand new, soon to be available, Lover of Cats Journal from bobbin-olive is the ideal place to write about the cats in your life, past and present. The more you write, the more memories and anecdotes will come forth. In this book with the pretty cover, you'll have 100 lined pages and space to glue photos and make sketches. All the beloved kitties you've known can come to life again and walk across on the page (on little cat feet.) The beauty of doing the stories while they're fresh is getting down the details. The volume will fill up fast and make great reading for later when the moment/day/year has passed.

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