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Decked Out in Glad Rags

Humans unlike many species have no protective exoskeleton so, from the earliest time, due to practicality (and modesty) we garbed ourselves with animal skins, leaves and other random found-objects. After surviving fear of death by dinosaur, people realized that clothing could be fun, creative and can speak sometimes louder than words.

A pastor-friend of mine began her first day at her new church by pretending to be a homeless woman loitering in the parking lot, panhandling people as they arrived. You can only imagine what she learned about her new parishioners---and their reaction to her duplicity.

Many great figures in life and literature had distinctive outfits and are unimaginable stripped of them. Charlie Chaplin sported a bow tie and wrinkled tuxedo, John Wayne wore buckskin and a big-brimmed hat, James Bond made glimpses of suspenders an accessory of designer jackets and formal wear.

We can change our image by changing outfits. Without ever entering a health club or hoisting dumbbells breezing through the day in workout wear and sneakers broadcasts a healthy lifestyle. Scrubs bring forth either a fear of needles or immediate respect by their association with the selfless industry of healthcare. Blue jeans are versatile and swath loins from toddler to dotage and are welcome at all sorts of events, depending on how creatively they are accessorized.

Halloween, encourages trying on a new persona through costume. Put fish-net stockings on a damsel and a sultry dame can emerge. Staid types after a few minutes at the party store can transform into aliens, cartoon figures, ghouls and goblins. The art of cosmetics can make the living appear ghoulishly, hopelessly dead.

Compared to other cultures, we own way too much stuff clothes and accessories most certainly. For those who love make-up, hairstyles, and accoutrements has a number of journals (with prompts) for you to hold forth about your passion. Jot down what’s in vogue or get nostalgic with memories of favorite, irreplaceable clothing. Styles change rapidly and what’s seen on the street today is history tomorrow. One thing is certain, your notations, observations, and memories will entertain down the line but only if you pause and capture this moment by writing in your journal.

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