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Dressing Up

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As a little girl, like many, I played dress-up, pretending I was a movie star or another fancy character. I raided my mother Olive's scarf collection so I could be Salome and gradually shed the scarves one at a time doing the dance of the seven veils. It was all about the costume, the silky textures and colors blending and floating as I twirled. I was transported for awhile to a world I'd seen on the big screen at Saturday matinees. Even though, when all the scarves were gone, a tomboy in shorts and t-shirt were what remained.

Also, during my childhood, thanks to Hollywood, I knew that women wore hats with gossamer veils and spider-web attachments that pulled down to cover half the face and add mystery to the eyes. Add gloves, a clutch bag borrowed from mother, and a fur stole not an easy item to locate. If nothing else was available, a cat draped around the neck often filled the bill. A high fashion 'look' that depended heavily on creativity. Just remembering and writing those short paragraphs just now made me happy. I brought a little girl with grand ambitions back to life.

This journal for writing about your love of clothing is the place to store those early memories. Prompts appear on every other page, words to spark ideas to get you writing about your passion for clothes. Tell, by all means, of shopping, planning and pulling it all together and dressing up as only a woman can. Include all the various occasions and what you wore, the disastrous bride's maids dresses to please your friends, your own wedding finery and on and on. Like a trip though the closets of your life.


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