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Farewell to a Friend

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A lady in Arizona just passed away after battling a long, debilitating illness. Her name was Minerva and I think she took that name because it was the name of the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts, although it was never discussed. We met decades ago when I commented on a photo she posted of herself wearing a big spoon on her head. She was an artist and I loved seeing pictures of her at her work desk overlooking mountains, a terrain as foreign to me as Mars. Alongside art, she loved plants, garden critters, owls, and her hubby Ron. I stayed close, as hard as it was to see, through the many painful years of her decline. Often all I could offer was hugs and to hit the icon for care.

It was clear how much this couple loved one an another and Ron's devotion never wavered. The day he posted her death I wept. Although we had never met face-to-face the loss was strong. I knew that void could never be filled. Ron has continued to view and like my artwork on Facebook.

Death, even of a cyber friend hurts. I know that writing it out helps and at you will find journals galore. It's such a small but comforting way to deal with the pain.

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