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Honor and Share Your Gifts

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The Peaceable Kingdom is a series of sixty plus paintings done in the 19th century by a Pennsylvanian Edward Hicks. A Quaker minister with a growing family, he supplemented his income from the church by painting utilitarian household items, barns and signs. Eventually he began doing easel paintings of warm, pastoral scenes of all creatures living in harmony as derived from Isaiah 11: 1-9. His beautiful canvases are in museums, reproduced in books, made into prints, have inspired a series of choral pieces and can even be found in coloring pages for children. We were taught at home, school and at Sunday school the biblical concepts of peace and harmony but, it's the images of lions lolling about with lambs that stayed in our minds.

Art in all forms is a gift. We all hold creativity within us bestowed by the Almighty. We ought not be cavalier and ignore our talent, whatever form it takes, because it's free, unlimited and bountiful. Speak draw, paint, dance, sing or write. Crochet, knit, bead work, cook, do crafts, keep a lovely house, be a fantastic parent, on and on, it only deepens and will never run dry. Bobbin-olive books aim to spark your innate creativity and help you celebrate it. All of these books remind you, no matter your circumstances to use your God-given talents every day. Expressing and sharing are powerful, give a great lift and touches the soul of the creator and recipient alike, like nothing other.

Remember Hicks's message and make yours a peaceable, helpful kingdom. Please write down every step in your journey, in detail, for yourself and someday for others to treasure.

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