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Learning from the Pros

The pandemic’s forced isolation has sent my husband and me to the dog park almost each day for entertainment as viewed from the car. We watch the entrance, a bridge to a small island designated only for dogs. The humpbacked bridge reminds me of the entrance to heaven or the Rainbow Bridge. One thing for certain, as they arrive and head home, dogs never disappoint.

They are totally committed and excited to mingle, always upbeat and eager. Watching them is telling. Many at journey’s end are wet and muddy, dragging their tails but more than satisfied. The balloons over weary heads read; ready for water, food and a well-deserved nap.

They are accepting of all who show up. To hear a bark is rare. Despite size, age, color or breed after a sniff or two they love each other totally and without reservation. Personalities are obvious and as varied as with people. Dogs have none of the pretentions humans often adapt.

To be well loved is all they ask. To have honest work is obvious when herding, pointing and other instinctual behaviors show up — if briefly. Give me a dog any day and I will gladly lick your hand. Check out the bobbin-olive journals for pet lovers and write down your thoughts and capture the moments as they happen. Your pet journal will make good reading down the line.

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