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Natural Gifts are Everywhere

Vacation season is upon us. The natural wonders of this country are so numerous and thrilling it is difficult to single out just a few. Mountains, plains, rock formations, waterfalls, state parks, bridges, beaches, volcanoes, and on and on. Each state has selected favorites and made official lists. Favorite slogans, song, birds, flowers, trees, fruits, fish, and drinks. As a traveler or vacationer, you must choose your own favorites. Write them down as you discover them because other pressing matters tend of diminish ideas and thoughts.

Manmade wonders equal the natural and each state’s personality shines through them. Roadside attractions intended to grab attention do the job if not stopping traffic by providing a striking mental snapshot. A building in the shape of a brown picnic basket with handles, gigantic ketchup bottles, tea pots and tea kettles, coffee pots, frying pans, figures of people, animals, vegetables, cars, insects — you name it and it is probably proudly on display somewhere. They always make you say, “Wow!”

Regional foods are varied and rampant and often more than one state claims ownership and being first of its kind. The hamburger for example. Hamburg, New York vies with other places proclaiming its discovery. In the end, does it really matter? All regional foods, rather most of it, is mouth-watering. I draw the line at some of the dishes I’ve discovered.

Travel is enlightening and above all, getting outside your own environment is refreshing. Capture it all in photos and at the end of a weary day, take out a pen and relive it again in your own words, on paper, in a journal by Writing your impressions gives a unique slant on things by adding a human element. Nobody is judging or critiquing but, read later or shared with family and friends, your words are more valuable than gold.

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