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Ode to Home

Home represents security first and foremost and my husband and I are doing everything we can to keep it that way. We go out but, remain steadfastly inside the car where we sit at the Riverwalk. He watches the parade of passing walkers, runners, strollers, bicyclers, strollers and the best part---DOGS. I sketch and paint what the fresh new season provides. We hit the food store or pharmacy only when absolutely necessary always masked like the Lone Ranger, wearing gloves and spritzing sanitizer. Caution is number one. This is a new way of life because I've never been a homebody, rather as one person put it who couldn't reach me for days by phone, a "will-o-the-wisp." My old routine was rising in the morning, getting into my car and gadding about, just because I could. Setting out to see where the road took me, shops of all sorts, browsing book and thrift stores, dollar meccas, you name it. After his retirement, my husband fell into step and we looked forward to daily coffee out of the house with the morning paper. So, I'm gaining a whole new appreciation of what home truly means. The walls haven't closed in on me, rather this house embraces us like a fortress.

What does home mean to you? Write about it in one of bobbin-olive's journals. Go to Facebook and key Ginny K. into the search box to see our new page. "Like" us and leave a comment to let us get to know you. While there, key in Art From the Car to see the sketches from the past few months.

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