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Passing the Torch

Updated: May 7, 2022

To share your talents is advice that makes a lot of sense. Whatever skills you have can help enrich other’s lives. Recently, eight of my longtime watercolor students joined me at a program hosted by our local library called Watercolor Encounter.

We arranged the tables in a horseshoe shape and the teacher/artists sat on one side while guests sat across from them, four to a table. All supplies were provided at no cost to the patron (paper, pencil, eraser, watercolor box and brushes.) Interest was high and as people arrived, they could choose from nine lessons including how to paint trees, tulips, sunflowers, violets, pretty dresses, birdhouses, landscape and bookmarks with a wildlife theme. With a projected completed, guests moved to another station for a different theme to paint.

To see folks I’ve taught interacting with library patrons, answering questions and making the art of watercolor accessible was heartening. To view the guests’ enthusiasm was exciting and we all felt like rock stars. Sharing what we’ve come to take for granted and the sense of well-being it generated still lingers, so yes, absolutely, we will do it again.

Think about passing along knowledge of your specialty be it cooking, recipes, needlework, drawing and painting, gardening---the sky’s the limit. Nobody does it quite like you do, so don’t keep your light hidden. Then, write about it in a BOP journal.

Check out the website to find a book that will suit you perfectly. This way, you get to keep your passion alive and enjoyed without limitations of weather, season, cost or time. Look for me outdoors sketching and painting the lush, green scenery as soon as weather allows.

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