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Pep Talks

During this quarantine people have found creative ways to pass the time. It is such a pleasure to see the wildly entertaining videos folks have made. They feature pets unleashed, glimpses into private spaces, home cooks behaving like TV chefs, curtains, clothing and bedding used as costumes. People having fun while making the best of it. The list goes on and on. Ingenuity emerging to showcase the strength and versatility of the human spirit.

Sometimes it takes getting rid of distractions, even deprivation to force us to dig deep to reveal our true selves. Before COVID we took much for granted but, being put to the test we've shown that blessings can arise from a curse. From our cocoons indoors we are alive to witness the miracle of a sunrise, a new day, a new beginning. Lawns that flourish with spring rains, nesting birds entertaining us, rabbits venturing out to dine on fresh grass, squirrels romping and dandelions spreading blankets of gold for our pleasure. We've learned patience and marked our days with assurance that this too, shall pass. Now, we will do whatever it takes to find out where we fit in the new world.

Write it down, how do you feel, what frightens you? What will be gained from our losses, can we make a new beginning, what will it look like? Tell about digging deeply to learn new things or review old lessons. Tell about staying indoors these many weeks that merged into months. Writing will not only form a permanent record it will make you feel better. Strong people bolster others so, in your journal, give yourself a pep-talk. We will prevail. As a world family we've overcome unspeakable hardships before and we'll rise again.

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