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Respect is Always in Season

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

In a busy, hurly-burly world and especially during an activity-jammed holiday season, make time to be kind to others. Sometimes it is easier to forget your manners and forge ahead, be it while driving in traffic or nabbing that special something while shopping in stores. Many times a day, whether at home or among strangers, opportunities to show your true self will arise. Remember, you aren’t the single and most important being in the world.

Be on the lookout for opportunities and do the right thing. Chances are that you are a good and considerate soul. There are so many ways to show it. They all start with putting yourself completely in the moment. Usually, it involves putting another person first.

New etiquette arises with personal cell phones. Answering your phone while in another’s presence or in a face-to-face situation is tacky. Nothing shows your priorities faster. This is not to say it is forbidden, just think a second and figure out if the person vying for your attention is more important than the one in front of you. Take a second to ask when needing to divert attention and be quick.

Remember in grade school being taught to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN? Put your phone away while crossing the street or walking where cars are driving. Does this really need saying? Hello! Wake up! If you value your own skin and dental work, be responsible.

Interacting with older, slower beings is an opportunity to show your true colors. Use your eyes to decide when to step forward or pitch in to help. It is also a time to be sensitive when offering unsolicited aid or assistance. Just because you can be helpful doesn’t mean you always should be. Think about that in the context of feelings. We tend to search for signs of aging in another often to a fault. Remember you, too will one day be there.

White lies. Our moms specified, when forbidding lying, that there are exceptions called “white lies.” This is where you bend the truth to spare another’s feelings. It comes down to the old idea of walking in another person’s shoes and deciding (sometimes in a split second) which is better: the absolute truth or something less painful. There are occasions almost daily where that hair-splitting decision must be made. Err on the side of kindness. The bald truth is not always the answer. “Nothing can mar your beauty,” is what I told a friend while sitting with her even with her death imminent. Sheesh. Does this really need to be mentioned. Anytime you can spare or boost another’s feelings is a win/win.

Driving has become a survival game. Being incognito hunkered and protected by a car’s armor does not allow you to be a selfish jerk. We do not live in a video game where speed equals winning. While behind the wheel, employ “the rules of the road.” You are in the position to potentially harm or kill innocent beings. All age drivers, across the spectrum, are guilty of bad behavior and risk taking. Wake up! Grow up! For the survival of us all.


If you think before acting, despite the situation, you are never wrong in opting on the side of showing consideration. Dust it off because we all have it inside us. Don’t forget the magic words, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You.’ Before long it will all become second nature.

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