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Special Times with Mom

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Today's featured journal is Special Times with Mom.

Little girls grow up so fast. Moms age before our eyes. Capture the moments, from now and the past, in this journal.

Use this journal to tell about your mother. Include a picture and other memorabilia on this journal's pages. Pay tribute. How often have you heard, "I wish I had her back for just a day...."

What would you tell her, what things would you do with her? There is no stronger bond than mothers and daughters. Do it now, while it is on your mind. This journal begs to be filled and your own kids will thank you for it.

Meet Olive (of Bobbin' Olive, of course.) What would I tell her? Thank you mom for always supporting our creativity. Paper mache on the kitchen table while she was preparing dinner. The family soap carved into little sculptures. Pounded art from tin cans. Arts and crafts everywhere.

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