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From Straw to Gold

Driving through the countryside one morning I saw an odd-looking, barn-like structure comprised of slatted wood strips held together with chicken wire. My husband confirmed that it was a barn made from two large corn cribs with a back wall and roof added. Google images produced an array of corn cribs used on farms as the basis of many creative buildings.

We drove past it another sunny spring day a few weeks later and after passing, my husband noted that there was a kitty sleeping on a bale of hay just inside. He turned the car around and slowed down for me to check it out. Yes, a yellow cat was camouflaged on a pile of hay bales. What a thrill! Looking into the dim barn, more sleeping yellow cats began coming into view draped over the hay bales, illuminated and warmed by slivers of sunshine coming through the openwork walls. Like punctuation, from the shadows, a black kitty appeared, this one wide awake and looking daggers at us. His look said, stop gawking and mind your own business. I can’t forget that scene and while there was no place to pull off the road to paint it, I took a “mental picture” and we returned a third time another day and took a snapshot of the structure, sans kitties for me to use later. I never have a problem conjuring up a cat so I will add those little golden balls of fur and their stern guardian from imagination.

Never underestimate what you might encounter when you least expect it. Keeping alert can bring some fun surprises. I saw a license outside a pet store that said: PUPSTORM. You simply have to write these things down because you’ll forget them. A Day on the Farm by bobbin-olive productions is the perfect place to store gems of memory.

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