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For fun, take a look at this new series of children's books from inspired by writer/illustrator creator of the Madeline books, Ludwig Bemelmans, we depict the world through ink sketches over watercolor. Also, the stories are told in brief rhymes. As adults, we remember our favorite childhood stories and can still recite many of them as their rhymes found places in our hearts and memories.

Our stories are written in simple language, intended for early readers to read aloud. Adults alike can enjoy them, and will no doubt discover intriguing facts and images to inspire reflection. We believe children are well schooled through the medium of TV and cartoon viewing to handle books of 50 pages or more.

The drawings are brightly colored using techniques familiar to and appreciated by both watercolor artists and lovers of the medium.

Our books number 9 to date, with more on the way and incorporate two beloved themes, toys and cats. It is impossible to miss the happiness and joy of living within these pages.

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