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Trees, Trimmings and Traditions

If you do nothing else, be sure to document this holiday season. Write down details, feelings, what has happened and what is missing. Hopefully, this year will be unique and never again be repeated. Tell about your decorations, holiday foods, gifts and the most important element, the foundation of any holiday season, the people. All of it will be viewed through the lens of Covid19. At a class I once took on weight loss the instructor said, “Don’t think about what you can’t have, but what you can.” That’s good advice for this holiday season 2020. What ways have you found to cope with the restrictions of distancing and keeping celebrations to those who reside within our households? How did you manage to pull it together with shopping so limited and restricted? Did you employ technology? I for one, when family and friends reached out for phone conversations, sat down and let the gabbing unfold with no time constraints. Tell about the all-important food situation. Did you cook less or more? Did you make the usual array of goodies? Was any aspect sweeter for the change? Tell about losses. Give lots of space to tell about your fears, how you coped seeing how so many suffered from loss of jobs, income and security. If the virus took away family or friends, tell about that experience and your loss.

Despite what we are given, we make the most of it. This is one year I’m not sorry to bring to a close. I will be ringing in 2021 with hope for a return to normalcy. Foremost in my prayers are the good people who have helped us through this horrible time and kept us safe and secure, for the scientists who have worked non-stop to create vaccines. Be of good faith, stay safe and hug your loved ones, including pets.

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