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Updated: May 8, 2020

Speech is dynamic, alive, colorful. It conveys emotion in a few words. Dialogue is the back and forth between two people. In this example, I will be me and I'm speaking to you, the reader. I'll start:

"Why are you reading this blog?"

"Thought I should take a look."

"It's only going to encourage you to write."

"Me? Write? Dream on. I can't write. What would I even say? I tried and failed at school. Had to read my story out loud and they all laughed. Wished the floor would've swallowed me up. I cannot write."

"Whoa, one sec. Am I hearing fear? Stubbornness? Look, pick up a pen, open this journal and start. What makes you really mad? Happy? I know, got it! Do THAT experience. Let it all come out."

"Good idea. I'm a totally different person today, braver, stronger. I'll tell it again, my way."

Get the idea? Without lengthy explaining, that quick exchange of two friends talking conveyed a lot. In A Dialogue Writing Journal you and another person will chat. In the journal you'll pick, from Column One, who you'll be talking to and from Column Two, you'll choose a situation. Let the two of them loose and see what they say. Remember start each new exchange with a fresh line and don't forget quote marks.

Have fun, take the wheel. Write those clever rejoinders that eluded you at the time. Get them down now. Do I see short stories in the making?

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