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What a beautiful morning for dogs

The sun is brilliant and like people, the dogs are wanting to rise off their orthopedic beds, get their leashes and WALK. Buster, my sister's all time favorite, (long departed) Cocker Spaniel was a force unto himself. Sue found him outgrowing his crate at a pet shop. They connected, but she gave it more time, went back again and that was it! He became her one and only boy from that moment on. Buster came home. This journal cover is dedicated to him.

We all have dog memories. Unfortunately, I am not a dog owner, but that doesn't lessen my love of them. I watch for them and adore seeing them as I go through my day. I find them leading their humans at the other ends of leashes, heads lolling out of car windows (a scary, worrisome, but popular trend today,) every sniffer alert, at the dog park, signing in, with lifted legs at the guest-book pole, you name it. A Dog Lovers Journal is an asset for any dog person. By writing about dogs, they come alive and for that space of time, any dog on the planet is mine---to sketch and write about.

In the illustration on the cover is a Cocker named Wilson. I met him at a paint-out at a friend's house on Lake Ontario. We bonded at lunch when I slipped him a corner of my stinky tuna sandwich under the table. His head found my knees to be perfect resting spot and a good place to look adoringly at me hoping for more tuna. Later, outside with watercolor supplies set up, I had to paint him. Whatever your dog memories, put them down in writing in this journal. Make many, no matter how crude, sketches on the blank pages. Those memories are too precious to let them slip away. Finish some of those sketches with colored pencil Make your journal sing---oops! I mean, bark.

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