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Wintry But Not Bleak

Winter is a time to hunker down and seek comfort. Where I live three months of glacial temperatures (December, January, and February) with freezing temperatures for weeks coming and going are common. When a snowstorm is part of the picture, normal activities are called off with road safety a big concern. In winter, the old expression holds true; there’s no place like your own sweet, be it ever so humble home.

Keeping a good stock of food is high on the list of necessities because comfort foods are what we crave (despite the danger of accumulating the dreaded fat layer). Being forced by the weather to remain indoors makes dressing easy — soft, cushy items layered from head to toe. Have a favorite easy chair, tv, music, heaps of new, unread books and a big, soft, throw or blanket make settling in a non-issue.

Venturing outside requires planning. A winter coat or jacket isn’t necessarily thick and bulky with ever-evolving fabrics for outdoor wear. This is no time however, for vanity or skimping. Save the fashionable coats and booties for a night out. Go with warm, preferably wool boot socks under leak-proof boots with good tread. They say that body heat escapes from the top of your head so a hat, hood, or scarf around your neck is always beneficial. It’s a time to get out warm gloves or mittens. To keep from slipping and falling clear areas around the house with a snow shovel and use kitty litter or ice melt as an extra precautionary measure. Of course, winter activities abound and if you or your family plan to take part in sledding, skiing, hiking, ice skating or riding a snow mobile, remember to take breaks often to warm up. Have hot beverages available to share.

Willingness to accept the inevitable plays into being housebound and if staying indoors, use the time to catch up on numerous activities. Do arts and crafts, play board games or bring forth your inner chef by cooking special recipes. Take this time to begin or revive your love of creative writing. Check out the nearly one thousand activity books on for a treasure-trove of ideas. Above all, if you live in a wintery climate never trust the groundhog on February 2nd. His predictions garner false hope because, due to the slumbering soul being rudely awakened, they are usually way off base. When spring with flowers shooting out of the ground seem a million miles away, I remind myself that this too shall pass.

Whatever the weather, take time to record how you are spending these precious days of your life. Keep an account in a journal by Bobbin-olive Productions. It’s like mining gold the writing you do. Putting down your thoughts, hopes, desires, wishes, and ambitions in your own handwriting are to be treasured. Tuck your book away and on a blistering hot day or after years have passed, you’ll have a record of today. Take a breather and capture this moment.

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