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Time moves slowly when we are young, the wait for our birthday or the last day of school seems to take forever. Not so as we get older. The years pass quickly, and one merges almost seamlessly with the last. Keeping a daily journal or diary makes good sense and can enrich life by noting the events — down to ordinary happenings of each day.


Having a beautiful book at your side to write in daily awakens senses. What might begin as "saw a robin today" could develop into a wider description. Having space on a page in a special book might segue into further inspection. As you look, the mind will ask questions, what time of day is it, how does he look perching on a tree or standing in the grass. You will look and truly see the colors of the scene. This might require a description of the weather, memories of seeing another first robin, or what he represents. The potential is limitless. There is something so exciting about keeping track of events and within days a new habit is formed, and you've made a new friend.


Days merge into weeks in the blink of an eye so giving attention to each precious day is a way of appreciating the gift of being alive. Your writing is an expression of who you are and aside from setting aside a few minutes of time for yourself, writing and seeing the entries pile up is great fun. There is no need to share it or listen to an inner critic about its worth or the quality or style of the writing. As the saying goes, "Just do it."


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