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Good, patient, forgiving, considerate, and thoughtful are all synonyms to describe Kindness. Now, take a moment and remember your day. Were there instants when you were Kind in thought, word, or best of all — deed? Benevolent, compassionate, accommodating, and magnanimous are more complex words but have the same meaning. Again, consider if there were moments today when your actions were worthy of such uplifting words?


An Act of Kindness can take little effort but result in enormously enriching the life of another. And generosity of spirit implies that the donor is content within. It's a good look to wear and one size fits all.


Write your Kind efforts down for your eyes only. It is an excellent way to make Kindness a daily goal at the forefront of your life and perhaps act as a nudge to make the effort today and not wait until tomorrow. Making notations in an Act of Kindness journal is a rewarding activity and you will no doubt surprise yourself at how often you automatically share Kindness in a variety of ways. A journal can be a self-pat on the back.


The reverse is also true, and. making notes can be a way to re-live and keep track of all the times Kindnesses were shown to you. Moments of reflection can be Kind little gifts, much like hugs, that you give to yourself.

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