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Without much thought, we express love each day in various ways. Speaking or hearing words of endearment are music to our ears. We do nice things for others, often without the recipient even knowing. We give gifts to one another and sometimes it is a common, non-descript thing that has meaning only to two people. We find ways to spend quality time together and often our expressions of love include the non-verbal as in some form of touch. These are things we do because it feels good to be connected and to share happiness with another person or people.


Greek philosophers categorized love into seven different types — who knew? If you want to have some fun and analyze the ways that love impacts your life, consider keeping track in a Love Journal. Chances are you will be surprised at how much love surrounds you as an integral part of your life and at the numerous and unusual ways it is constantly expressed.


In this 7 Types of Love journal series, each chapter begins by describing a type of love commonly experienced and a delightful quotation, starting with Elvis and ending with Shakespeare — two great love experts of their time — about love to spark your creativity in writing about the topic. Add another dimension to life by putting on paper your thoughts and experiences about this nebulous thing called love. To create a small volume of love-related writing can't help fill your heart and give reason to celebrate each precious moment. Do it for yourself as well as those you love.


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7 Types of Love - Mi Amour

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