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The world is alive with beauty from the tiniest seed to highest mountains and buildings. Drawing what is around us can be a happy and inspiring way to appreciate it all. If you start small and choose an uncomplicated subject, you will gain confidence that will carry through more complex subjects.


This 100-page journal is for you to explore what is possible with the most basic drawing materials. Prompts will motivate you, with ideas for new drawing media to try, a vocabulary to explain what it is all about and suggestions for things to draw that session. This simple pleasure is yours for the taking.


If you never go beyond doodling, there is a lot of joy in setting a goal and giving it your best effort. Drawing is a great pastime and along with writing. it's a wonderful way to record the moments of your life as they occur.


Remember most things can be reduced to simple geometric forms so with that in mind, do as Michelangelo did when confronted with a block of marble, he was said to just chip away the parts that didn't belong. Use the internet's free-sharing sites for reference photos.


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A Journal of Drawing

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