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Birds are a favorite subject to draw because so many exist making them familiar to us. Most have a similar structure and they are all easy to draw.

Put a small circle at the end of an oval and the basics of a bird are there. Add wings, tail, beak, and eyes and smooth out the area connecting the two basic shapes and you have drawn a bird.

Study them from real life from all angles to see how the shapes change in relation to each other or use the Internet's free-sharing websites to find pictures to study.


This 100-page journal with lightly lined pages with prompts on the left and blank on the right. Write about birds, tell your observations and follow the prompts. They will lead you through the process of making birds your own delightful subject to draw. Explore and expand your study of bird drawing to birds in flight, groups of birds, birds in a line on a telephone wire. Check out magazines about birds for ideas to draw.


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A Journal of Drawing - Birds

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