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Trees are all around us and as varied as people. They aren't hard to draw and you can do it even if your best effort to date has looked like a lollipop.


This 100-page journal is for you to explore the subject of putting trees on paper that have character, style and above all else, recognizable as to type. Don't wait to begin an activity that is deeply satisfying and downright fun. Getting started is as easy as finding a #2 pencil with eraser, opening this journal and following prompts on every other page that will help to build your skills and confidence. The left pages are 2/3 blank with light lines near the bottom and opposite pages blank for sketching.


Find a comfortable spot to observe nature near a tree of choice and study it to determine its structure. If actually seeing trees isn't possible print trees off the internet's free sharing sites. Or, look for tree pictures in magazines, newspapers, and any other source you have available. Old Christmas cards are an excellent reference for fir, pine, and other winter trees. Coloring pages provide uncomplicated line drawings of many subjects, including trees.  Get started today to discover an exciting pastime.


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A Journal of Drawing - Deciduous Trees

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