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As surely as October arrives, thoughts of Halloween come to mind. What to wear? What to do? Where to go? This holiday has become one of the most popular in American life. The decorations, the color, the mystery and the all-encompassing creativity it brings out in people. What's not to love?


Here is a 100-page journal with prompts on every other page for exciting subjects to draw. While required skill level is easy, illustrations are included to navigate you through the more difficult items. No need to wait until the day draws near with your own journal for planning, plotting, and drawing.


Pages on the left are lightly lined for writing ghost stories, making lists, telling about Halloweens past, jotting ideas for the upcoming season of thrills and chills. Recipes for special foods, and ways to decorate your place for your own and visitor's enjoyment will fill those pages fast. On the opposite, right side pages, you will find open space to draw, design, cipher and doodle in pencil or using color media such as colored pencils and markers.


The journal and a few art supplies make a neat packet to take along as you visit the Pumpkin Patch or e-e-e-k! kill time. Let the fun begin. On paper, but first in your mind. Pay homage to your favorite holiday in this journal for that purpose.


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A Journal of Drawing - Easy Halloween Fun

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