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Pine trees come into their own at the year's end because they are brought into the house and decorated. Most of us have stories about the magical ambiance these trees provide, glowing with colored lights and sparkly ornaments. Drawing all evergreens is easy and this 100-page Journal of Drawing - Evergreens and Pines breaks it down and makes this pastime fun and rewarding.


Follow the prompts and before long you can call this subject one of your favorites. Illustrations are provided throughout in places where clarification is needed. Lightly lined space on every other page will remind you to write memories, ideas and whatever comes to mind about these lovely trees. Blank pages for drawing have the texture of watercolor paper.  Get started today with this journal and an ordinary #2 pencil and begin to develop your inner artist. Soon, purchase a set of colored pencils and markers to create full-color drawings of pine trees.


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A Journal of Drawing - Evergreens and Pines

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