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The kitchen is an important room in almost any dwelling and gets lots of use. This 100-page journal helps you focus on and appreciate the various items found there by drawing them. Regardless of your skill level you will find among the fifty prompts very simple items to draw to complex ones. Illustrations are provided to help you visualize both simple and unusual items.


This journal is a great teaching aid for young artists who might not be familiar with common gadgets and tools used for cooking. What a fun way to introduce and awaken inexperienced people to the mysteries surrounding the art of cooking by having them find and draw items.


On the left side the pages are 2/3 lined, with prompts at the top, and pages on the right are blank for drawing. Use the lines to tell about the item highlighted on that page, how it is used, where in the kitchen it is found and any other information including its history, when and where it was purchased and anything else you wish to document. All that is necessary to begin is a #2 pencil with an eraser and this journal. Down the line, you might add color to your drawings from supplies you already own or purchase at the dollar store.


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A Journal of Drawing - In The Kitchen

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