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Drawing simple objects is a first step to learning to draw. Put a few items together and you have what artists call a still life, a classic theme throughout history of art.


This journal has what is needed to get started drawing. It suggests things to draw, how to create an attractive arrangement, tells about drapes, backgrounds, shading, color and how to get the most from simple art materials starting with an ordinary #2 pencil. The pages on the left side of this 100-page journal are lightly lined at the bottom 1/3 for notes and blank at the top for sketching and planning. Clear and easy prompts and diagrams are given. The pages on the right are blank for you to practice and sharpen your skills.


Hop on in and get started now, you will see growth as you work through this book, so waste no time. Drawing is a wonderful pastime and you'll feel empowered as you begin to transform the simplest of objects into lovely drawings.


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A Journal of Drawing - People

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