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We all need friends. The benefits to our health and well-being that friendships bring is limitless. Perhaps it is time to celebrate the friends you've enjoyed throughout your life by telling about them on paper. This 100-page journal is designed for just that purpose.


As our lives evolve friends come and go, some move away, others pass away. As our children get older and leave home, activities are lost, and new ones gained. Jobs fizzle and new ones are launched. It begins to feel like a revolving door of friends disappearing and new ones stepping forward to take their place. Describe your various relationships and relive friendships from phases of your life.


The unique personalities you've known still ring in your head as your daily activities trigger memories. You can hear those voices clearly so take the time to write the words and phrases that define the people you've known and held in high regard. Start now and keep adding to your journal as you go because time flies and life fluctuates. Prompts will help you get started, so, find a quiet place and begin writing. Fill this treasure chest of a journal and pay homage to the people you have held in high esteem.


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A Journal of Friendship

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