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Who hasn't gone to the hairdresser to have just the ends trimmed and got a nasty surprise? Hair is vital to our self-image. If it looks good, it's a happy day and vice versa.


This 100-page journal is for you to write your experiences, experiments, triumphs and woes. The pages on the left are lightly lined and have words or phrases to prompt your writing. On the right side, the pages are blank for you to sketch, glue clippings and photos or to continue your writing.

Luckily, hair grows back, and nothing is truly a disaster. Remembering the hair styles of your past is a trip down memory lane. Writing in this journal will provide endless entertainment and perhaps be a catharsis. It's never ending, that obsession with your hair.


Now, to go platinum or just let it turn gray?


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A Journal of Hair

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