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Felines Rule! If that is your motto, this journal is for you.


Honestly, what's not to like about cats? They are elegant and graceful, first off. When the mood strikes, they will be your confidant and best friend. They are fun to watch when they flit and frisk about and require just a minimum of maintenance. So much reward for so little effort.


Thank God for CATS!!!! 


Write your specifics in this 100-page journal. On the left page you'll find lines to keep you on the straight and narrow as you spill your heart about your cat's attributes. On the opposite page, find an adorable border but lots of space to do your own sketches, jot notes, collect clippings and add photos. On every other page a word or two will spark your creativity for writing about your darling companions.


Don't wait to let the cat out of the bag.


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A Lover of Cats Journal

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