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   We all desire color and beauty in our lives and using pens and sticks of dry media are the answer. No muss, no fuss as the old saying goes. Take time for yourself to enjoy the thrill of creativity. Coloring, because the sets are compact and transportable, can be done almost anywhere. Even in short spurts working with your hands will refresh like nothing else. Coloring in a book is relaxing — your mind can wander while your hands, using crayons or colored pencils, can turn a black and white page into a beautiful artwork. You can feel productive while exerting very little physical energy. And unlike reading a magazine or book, expend hardly any of your precious mental/brain power. If multi-tasking is your thing, color while watching your favorite TV show. When you are looking for an activity that provides a sense of accomplishment without much effort, open a coloring book.

   All the coloring pages are derived from original watercolors by Virginia Kelley. It won't be long before you discover the fun activity that has gained popularity in recent years — by working in a coloring book from the bobbin-olive series of work/coloring books. Don't fight the urge to let your creativity shine. Begin this relaxing venture today and you might discover a wonderful hobby previously overlooked.

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