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Sewing has been a pastime and occupation from the earliest times. Think of those ladies in drafty castles stitching wall hangings of current events and major battles on linen. We usually confine our sewing to less major things, a new outfit, Halloween and stage costumes, curtains, even apparel for our pets. It's a society with many members and all of us know the creativity and enjoyment of molding fabric into something lovely or functional.


This journal is for dwelling on and recording on paper all things about sewing. It has 100 pages, lightly lined on the left side with a heading containing a word or two to boost your imagination. Facing on the right side is a blank page to draw, calculate, sketch and jot notes to self.


A journey starts with a single step but a sewing project, with just one well-placed stitch. Have fun creating new items and keeping track of your efforts in this book made-to-order for sewing enthusiasts.


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A Sewing Journal

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