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While the short poem, Plums by William Carlos Williams is not in typical verse form, it is nevertheless a snapshot of a scene, a glimpse of a married couple and in a few lines suggests a potential conflict between them. It tells the story in a most abbreviated, yet lyrical way. (Look it up on the internet.)


Words that rhyme appeal to most people in that they are a form of music to our souls. Our first books had rhyming stories and many of us can still parrot them years later with little provocation. Such is the power of rhymes. Rappers' rhymes invented a new type of music. Lyricists for centuries have used rhymes to create mental pictures that along with musical accompaniment we can enjoy forever.


This 100-page journal with prompts on the lightly lined right side are for composing your creations. On the right side, pages are blank for all kinds of mental meanderings, musing, and outpouring of words onto the page. Let your words and phrases simmer for a bit until they link up as the exact statement you are trying to make. Then, circle the best in red pen. We need and support all artists, but poets and verse-makers especially as they make our days so much richer.


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A Verse Composer's Journal

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