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Beneath the sea lies an exotic and strange world. This journal is a place for you to write about the underwater world.


Perhaps you have been lucky enough to live where the wonders of the deep are commonplace and on display daily. Your knowledge might be from books, videos, movies or visits to the aquarium in your city. This journal is for your examination with your fascination with the ocean.


Helping to keep the theme of marine life are words and phrases at the tops of the pages on the left side which are lightly lined. Those topic words can serve as motivation to get your thoughts ignited, things you need to ponder or a memo for further investigation. Pages on the right are blank for you to make sketches, diagrams, collect clippings and photographs.  Grab your fins and diving gear.


An odyssey into the mysterious depths of the sea is at your fingertips.


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A Visit to the Ocean's Depths Journal

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