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A visit to a park can refresh the senses like nothing else. It's time for being with nature, walking among the trees, stopping for a rest on a park bench. All are simple pleasures to be remembered in writing long after the day has passed.


This 100-page journal is the perfect place to record your feelings about nature and green spaces. Taking the time to see small and large things alike. Writing about them will be a pleasure and if your memory needs jogging, prompts or words at the top of every other page ought to motivate you


Pale lines will keep your writing from wavering. Opposite pages are blank, except for a border. Fill them with sketches, notes, clippings and photographs of a world underfoot and all around you at the park.  Take this journal along for note taking as you fill your senses. When going outdoors isn't possible meander through this journal and reflect upon times past.


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A Walk in the Park

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