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The art of producing watercolors is a rewarding endeavor for a lot of people. For others seeing the fresh, vibrant works is plenty. Thinking and writing about the special vocabulary and nuances of watercolor is exciting.


This 100-page journal is for anyone who is intrigued by and wishes to write down their thoughts about that elusive, light-catching medium. The artist and devotee alike can increase their enjoyment of the medium and be inspired by key words that appear at the top of every other page. That page is lightly lined for convenience and ease. The facing page is clean, white paper with the look of textured watercolor paper, but is suitable for planning and dry media only. Add visual elements to your journal such as sketches, photos, color swatches and whatever comes to mind. Keep items in random order or organize those pages bringing individuality to your journal.


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A Watercolor Journal - Geranium

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