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From the earliest times people have been fascinated by wild animals. Metazoa is a word signifying the high-level group to which all animals belong. As kids, a trip to the zoo was a treat, so we carry on the tradition by giving youngsters the same experience.


This journal is designed for you to write your feelings and memories about outings to see the animals. On the lightly lined left side pages, a key word or words are sure to inspire you to writing about that animal. If the animal is unfamiliar, a minute on the ‘net’ will give you information to add to that journal page. Pages on the journal's right side are blank for you to get creative by sketching, collecting articles, pasting photos and to continue jotting notes. \


Zoos make it possible to see and experience animals from around the world while also providing a range of educational activities for guests. Keep those special animal friends close by honoring them in this journal. Fill the book in with a child for extra fun. What a great item to take along to the zoo to work on as you go from exhibit to exhibit.


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A Zoo Animal

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