Hungry for a new approach to working in a sketchbook? Want lessons that will stick to your ribs and turn everyday views into daily specials? Do you seek new ways to respond to the ordinary? Whatever your skill level, Art on the Menu can satisfy your cravings and encourages tackling virtually any subject matter by offering fresh and fun art challenges on every page.


Rather than making the whole world my oyster, I decided to limit my fare to one subject—at least long enough, I hoped, to fill an entire 6 x 9” sketchbook. Since my husband and I dined out for breakfast at Greek restaurants, I decided to draw him in those dining spots while having my second cup of coffee. Gradually, I found that only until you’ve exhausted the obvious and hit rock bottom, does the truly good stuff perk to the surface. The longer I stuck with my plan the more exciting it got, so much so that I filled eighteen sketchbooks over seventeen years. I hope you enjoy my years-long journey.

Art on the Menu Color Edition