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Make this a day to begin to write down your blessings. Commit to the page, in your own handwriting, (printing, scribbles, scrawl, script or chicken scratches) all the little and big things that make you happy.


Let this bouquet of beautiful gladioli serve as a reminder to give homage to happiness.


Do it while it is fresh in your mind as sometimes, as quickly as joyful moments occur they can also slip past us in a heartbeat. It can be the color of something you see and use all the time, for example, as kitchen spoon or potholder, or a major thing such as good health or winning a million bucks.


The act of writing down your thoughts is addictive and the pay-off is a permanent record of gladness to refer to forever. You'll never look at a gladiolus flower the same way again because it will jog your mind to get out your pen - and this journal - and write it down.


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Be Glad Today

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