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   Bird watching is a great pastime enjoyed by many. Whether it's a quick glimpse of a bird flying past our eyes or making an effort to attract them to our yards, birds make us happy. When they perch long enough for us to really study them It seems almost a miracle has taken place. It makes good sense you would enjoy keeping track of your sightings along with your musing of the day.

   Writing down random thoughts is never a chore with a book especially designed for that purpose. Put an end to those tatty, indecipherable, hen-scratches on backs of receipts or envelopes that hold information that you need to access quickly but spend way too much time digging for. Use your book as a place for affirmations such as I am more than OK and I am strong and vivacious and plan to stay on track. Random Thoughts can improve your own life and also make great gifts for friends, favors for parties or showers, or to give someone just because you are thinking about them and want to show it.

   Keep your journal near the window along with a pen or pencil. Then, when you hear the song of one of our warm-blooded, two-legged friends, you can make notes.


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Bird Lover's Random Thoughts - Snowy Day

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