Who among us hasn’t dreamed with growling stomachs about Buffalo’s famous food offerings? When away from home, we fondly heap on mouth-watering stories about our favorite Buffalo dining spots. Coming home to visit, we hurry to those places to fill our plates as well to reassure ourselves that our special delights are just as we remember them.

   We are transported back in time when we order Buffalo’s varied and beloved signature foods. This journal-size book will remind you of being with friends and cramming faces with treats available only in our hometown. Artist, Virginia Kelley, through her sketches, will take you to the eating places etched forever in our minds. It overflows with current culinary gems and reaches into the past to fill you up with foods we remember growing up in Buffalo. This book is a great gift to include in “care packages” from home, as a send-off for kids leaving the nest and a keepsake for anyone who ever sat in a parking lot discussing the meaning of life over donuts, red-hots, and/or pizza. This book will touch your heart as surely as a warm hug. come along and settle in for a trip down memory lane via places known only to Buffalo connoisseurs of unforgettable culinary excellence.


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Breaking Bread in Buffalo - with a Side of Memories 6 X 9