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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Breaking Bread in Buffalo


You will immediately recognize this colorful volume as one of the many books by Bobbin-olive Productions. Original watercolor illustrations and beautifully designed pages make it appealing and fun for all ages.


When the book was first written in 2020, we were in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. Lockdown was in effect to keep us out of harm’s way. The First Edition was written as a heart-felt thank-you to places that kept hot food available even if we couldn’t go out to enjoy it. As a society, we quickly and creatively adapted, devising ways to ensure that we could enjoy the food we were accustomed to. Consequently, as we’ve recovered, stores and restaurants continue to provide excellent and many new services such as personal shopping, well-ventilated outdoor dining (even during cold months,) home delivery, and an ever-growing array of options and delicious foods to the consumer.


Since many places featured have been favorites to more than a single generation, space is provided to write brief comments and jot memories about each of the restaurants. The ever-popular section at the back of the book of Food For Thought turns this compact volume into a personal journal of culinary exploration.


We asked for your advice and have responded to your many comments. We’ve made corrections and clarifications where necessary. in the 2nd Edition, Volume Two, we’ve added a few new places and keep a list of destinations readers would like us to include in future volumes.


There’s always room at the table in Buffalo.


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Breaking Bread in Buffalo - With a Side of Memories - 2nd Edition

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