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God Bless America. A song, an idea and an expression of pride. The greatest country on earth deserves nothing less than its people singing and shouting her praises.


In this 100-page journal you can do just that. Pages on the left side are lightly lined and on the right blank for your more unstructured expressions of joy and pride. Write large and in color with markers, colored pencils or colored pens. Tape or paste in bits of memorabilia and clippings that make you happy and remind you of how lucky we are. Prompts will inspire writing and stimulate ideas.


Fill this journal to bursting with your feelings about America and the joy you experience at helping make it so great. Be sure to, somewhere inside this journal, draw or tape a picture of yourself and your family with our beautiful red, white and blue American flag. Get a second journal for your children to fill out to remind them daily how fortunate they are.


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Celebrating America Journal

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